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Miraculous Healings​

A woman suffering for chest pain for five years have been healed to the glory of God.

  • A woman suffering from rheumatism have been healed instantly. Thank you Jesus.
  • Heart diseases cured. Few women were suffering from this heart disease and they all received their instant healing.
  • Heart pain healed. A woman has been having a pain in her heart like it’s being pressed with hands. After the diseases was commanded, the pain left!!! Glory to God.
  • Severe headache alongside waist pain healed completely by the power of God. Hallelujah
  • A young lady was not well. She was having severe heart ache and body pain. She left to the house and according to her, she says something prompted her to come back to the church. When she came, healing was ministered unto her and she jubilated because the son of man(Jesus) set her free… Glory to God…

Tongues And Deliverance

As many has the power came upon received the gifts of the holy spirit. It was such an amazing atmosphere. The young as little as 8 years and the adults as old as 45s received the holy ghost baptism and they began to speak in tongues. Hallelujah.

Most of the people were under strong demonic bondage. The Lord intervened and they were delivered. God is doing wonders in *GBEFI ASSEMBLY*

Ultimately, we guided many souls to give their lives to Christ and as if they were told to be receptive, they received us and what we have for them and they listened. It was evident that the Lord moved ahead of us. Glory glory glory!!!

Spectacular Events

  • Brother John Mabu was miraculously healed of waist pain which he has suffered for five (5) years now.
  • A sister testified that she was sent to be cured by idol worshippers but they could not heal her of her illness. She could not walk or do anything on her own. She was advice by her uncle to come to church and when she came she has received her healing and can do the things she used not to do.
  • Sister Agnes Gonjiri had a certain thing flashing always her sight. Always she sees that thing for years now. After prayer on the first night of the crusade she does not see that thing again.
  • A lady was healed from mild stroke. She could not raise the left hand but after prayers she was able to raise the hand and twist her locked waist to the glory of God
  • Charity Aminu was healed from throat pains
  • Sister Alice was sent to an idol worshipper for healing. She ran away because they were unable to cure her. She came to Christ and she got her healing. According to her the husband met her at the market and could not make her out because God had transformed her and she looked better than before.
    Others professed instant Healing after Prayers to the glory of God.

Spectacular Events 2

• A new convert named Alima at Nambala who complained of body itching and burning sensation confirmed healing after being prayed for.
• A certain woman of Assemblies of God who suffered strange disease and internal agony sent to be prayed for at home. She was visited and prayed for by the team of pastors and was delivered from the demon tormenting her. She later visited the mission house and was prayed for during which she received the baptism of the Spirit by speaking in tongues.
• A mentally deranged young man who was chained in the ankles at Nambala was prayed for and later visit confirmed that his condition has improved and was loosed from the chains
• Abigail who returned from SHS boarding school complaining of heart pain to seek medical help at home came to meet the crusade on going during prayer session and was prayed for. She has since then being healed and has returned to school safe and sound.
• A certain woman also visited the mission house with her sleeplessness and body burns to be prayed. She has since confirmed that she has been healed.