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Diare Missions

Jesus Christ, the only Savior of Humanity (Acts 4:12). “Salvation is found in no- one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved.” (NIV) This is the context within which the theme was coined for the six (6) days crusade at Diare, Nambala and Kadia as directed by the Holy Spirit. The whole program was held from Tuesday 17th to Tuesday 24th May, 2022 with arrival and departure of the team on Monday 16th and Wednesday 25th May respectively. The crusade was held at Diare on the football park for three (3) days, Nambala for two (2) days and one (1) day at Kadia (spontaneous). To the glory of God this is the first of its kind in Diare district.

The theme for crusade was “Jesus Christ, the only Savior of Humanity” (Acts 4:12). It was held in the evenings between 7pm to 11pm on the football park at Diare, town squares at Nambala and Kadia. The evenings were marked with the powerful presentation of the gospel, healing and deliverance sessions.  The mornings were occupied with school outreaches and then house to house and discipleship in the afternoons.

The main activities include the evening crusade, the morning outreach to schools, the afternoon house to house and discipleship sessions. As an outcome of the crusade including school visitations and house to house evangelism more than 70 souls were won for Christ. Over ten (10) people have been baptized in the Holy Spirit and many healings and deliverance took place. Some of the new convert come to the mission in the afternoon for discipleship. The school outreach sessions were very interactive and helpful to the students as well as the staff

As the part of the activities, the Jesus Rescue Team with the support of its partners has made a lot of donations to district, the schools and the community people.

Diare district was privileged to have it motor king engine which was broken down completely replaced with new one. This has greatly aided in the transportation of logistics and personnel.  A bicycle was also donated to help in assembly visitations. Again, the team donated one quality football, New Testament Bibles and some discipleship materials to the district.

The School outreaches witnessed donations of three (3) quality footballs in three different Junior High Schools; the students were also given peer pressure handbook as well as Bibles. In one of the School upon observing that the whiteboard on which writings took place was broken, the team quickly organized for repair work to be done on it. This was later handed over to the school authorities in very good shape.

The community people and new converts were beneficiaries of new and slightly used bails of clothing for all gender and age categories. Shoes, sandals, slippers, and also tooth brushes were part of the items donated. All these social services and donations were remarkable in the eyes of the people.

We are once again very much thankful to God and also the Jesus Rescue Team and its partners for the good work they have done at Diare. We pray the good Lord to continue to endow us with grace to keep watering until the seeds germinate, grow and bear everlasting fruits. Keep us in your prayers too and every other support. God bless you all.

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