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Sirigu Missions

Mission as we all know, is first and foremost about God and his historical redemptive initiative on behalf of creation. In this regard, the Jesus Rescue Team (J.R.T) and The Church of Pentecost Sirigu District affirm that the Church is called to witness Christ to the dead world by sharing in God’s mission of love through Jesus Christ and the transforming power of the Holy Spirit to the darken world to expose them into the light of God and his eternal kingdom. The World Council of Churches states that ‘all Christians, churches and congregations are called to be vibrant messengers of the gospel of Jesus Christ and Jesus Rescue Team and Sirigu District has been in a conformity to this goal.

By the Grace of God, the Jesus Rescue Team and Sirigu District were able to win a total number of one hundred and Seven (107) souls excluding children 12years and below and souls won not on record, Open three new Assemblies, Two at Burkina Faso in the respective towns: Kaloe and Webechia and One Ghetto Church at Sirigu Upper East-Ghana.

Total number of Holy Ghost baptism amounted to Thirty-five (35) and total number of witnessed testimonies were Twelve (12) excluding those who did not testify of their healing and deliverance.

The Jesus Rescue Team and the District Ministry Francis Molbila visited various place including the paramount chief palace, Sirigu women art center and many more. The chief recommend highly the visit of the Jesus Rescue Team and the impact he said had heard about the team and the church.

We totally participated in the weekly Monday programme of the Church namely Monday Clinic.Pastor Francis Molbila and Wife Doris Molbila bought Smock and local hat for all ten missionaries.   We express our sincere appreciation to Sister Priscilla, Bro. Samuel, Teacher and the other few guys in Sirigu and Brother Isiah and John at Burkina Faso for their great support and devotional work they did for the easy spreading of the gospel.

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